#Quarantine&Chill How To Stay Productive & Motivated During This Time 📝

#Quarantine&Chill How To Stay Productive & Motivated During This Time 📝

Hey babes! Kabria here and I wanted to see how are you doing during this #quarantine? Has it been easy? Has it been hard? Or has it been both? For me, it's been easy but that's because I have things to keep me focused, motivated, and SANE 😂So if you want to see some tips I've used, continue reading below!

Closet Organization
One of the first things I did when we first hit quarantine was organize my closet. It helped me stay organized although I don't need my clothes right now lol. I put on a good playlist and before I knew it my "spring cleaning" was done! This will help your mind as well, just knowing that your closet is organized and clean.
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Read Girl Boss Books
I LOVE reading! I read so many books it's hard to keep up lol. I'm currently reading the Ethic series by Ashley Antoinette but I love reading the stories of successful boss babes like Sophia Amoruso of Nasty Gal and Nichole Lynel of Shop Nichole Lynel. I get to hear their story before the success which gives me so much motivation and hope. It also helps me out of a funk I may be in.
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Organize/Rearrange Your Office Space
By now, you probably had to make your own office space to be able to work from home. Creating a space that is vibrant, neat, and clean are important when it comes to getting work done. Make sure your space has natural lighting (preferably by a window or door) because that will help tremendously.
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Learn A New Skill
I've always been into cooking but recently I started teaching myself to make and try new recipes. I love to put my own spin on things but I love following a recipe as well. This has helped with the range of things for me to eat while we're quarantined and it's helped me not eat out so much and not get tired of the same thing. Learning a new skill can be so beneficial to you as well. You can teach yourself or YouTube it!
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Create A Playlist
If you don't have a playlist...then what are you doing?! I have multiple playlist to get me through the day but my #bossvibes playlist be having me feeling myself and getting into the boss mood. Idk what I'd do without this playlist. I loveee music and it really helps me get in the right mood to do what I need to do.You can listen to my own curated playlist here. You can add my playlist or make your own via Apple Music.
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