Quaratined Valentine's Day 💝

Quaratined Valentine's Day 💝

Quaratine V-Day

Valentine’s day is around the corner and will be here before we know it. This year V-Day may be a little different due to Covid. Everyone may not feel comfortable going out and may want to stay home while others feel like they need to get away. We have three ways for you to celebrate at home this year!


Date night at home

It’s super easy to have a date night at home but to make it special for V-Day, there can be easy, simple, expensive decorations made or bought to hang around the house. Candles can be added for a more intimate aura and inexpensive lighting from Five Below can be added as well. If you have a patio and can make it a little warm outside then this is a great idea just for that. Outfits can still be simple yet dressy. Our Slit Top Biker Shorts Set is perfect for a V-Day date night in!


Movie night

Movie night can be at home or at a drive-in theater depending on your location. Movie night at home can consist of a nice home cooked meal or takeout and popcorn of course! Snuggling up with bae and watching a romantic movie is the perfect and simple way to have a quarantined Valentines Day. Also add your favorite wine for a little sparkle.


Game night

Of course this can be combined with all of the above but there are so many games that couples can play to have some fun in the house. From Scrabble to Jenga to Uno, game night is always undefeated and a great way to have a little more competition.

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